Sink or Swim

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so there has been already an Xbox and the ever popular Xbox 360. So why has the 360 proved so popular with gamers, could it be the selection of games, the price or the graphics quality. Oh and not forgetting the Multiplayer experience of Xbox Live.

So what have microsoft done? Improved on the old one and called it the Xbox 360 S.

So now you would like to know what they have added to the new 360 S. Well here goes

1. 250GB standard model

2. WiFi

3. More USB ports

4. The ability to update the system via USB

5. The price……………..Yep cheaper than the original 360

So should i get one?…………………………….Yes if you are someone who is green and wants to save the planet, as i forgot to mention it’s more eco friendly. But don’t be put off by it’s eco side. As it will be just that bit better than the 360 that we all know and love to this day/moment in time.


Was it Vauxhall or Volvo

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Like the subject heading. Yes or No? well this is about technology, so i will now wittle on to you about the new iPhone. Yep the 4th iPhone is out in america and will later be released as per ever later on in Europe. Still though what has changed well quite a few things.


Retina Display – Better image quality/Display quality

HD Camera – For both Shooting pictures/Filming videos

Gaming – Better gaming because of a Gyroscope

So there are just a few improvements. As i said above ^^ for the title to this post, another change that looks like has taken place is the new look/style ok it might be built around the “same old” design but to me it looks like it was designed by vauxhall or that swedish car company Volvo, what with the square looks.

Will it mean that in the future the iPhone design will change as much as it has with the new 4th Gen iPhone. Well we will just have to wait and see.

CS – Creative Suite

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Adobe. Now what does that make you think eh? yes i’am guessing it’s making you think something along the lines of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks………………ETC. Well if thats what your thinking then stay in there. If you already know about what i’am talking about then look away……………Now!!!

Yes i’am talking about Adobes ever popular Creative Suite Series, otherwise known as Adobe CS but what about Adobe CS5 or Creative Suite 5 What does this hold. Well quite a lot really. the things that have caught my eye are Dreamweaver CS5, Fireworks CS5 and Flash CS5 not to mention InDesign CS5 But has anything really changed or is it still like CS4. well know not really. Other than the fact that within Dreamweaver it’s easier to incoperate Joomla testing, and in Flash CS5 the toolbar has been changed.

Well yes a Great selection and improvements over CS4 yet i really am waiting now to see if CS6 can be any diffrent.

Ok i may have been away for a while, but don’t worry peeps and good folk of google, i’am back. Having said that i never really did go away.

Well what route is the internet is the internet going down at the moment? well from where i’am definately not “Route 66” Instead i have noticed how the web, internet and all things new technology based or a lot of things to do with the www or world wide web, seem to be going down a more “Open Source” Route these days. And why is that? Well why else do you think? Could it have something to do with global financial issues – (Possibly) or might it be because we are fed up of having to pay for useless software, and other hyped up tosh thats out there that you have to pay for.

Take for example google, who just happen to have got an open source operating system up there sleaves, and the likes of Ubuntu who have just released 10.04 and are quite possibly conning a lot of people out there into having what now looks like a carbon copy of Mac Snow Leopard.

Yes droning over with, i’am sure people agree that the new digital age looks like “Open Source” is gaining and becoming ever more popular!!

iPad – Gadget Show

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Did anyone see the Gagdet show yesterday 19/4/10? Well i did and yes i knew that archos tablet thing was never going to get a good G rating. But i did realise the iPad was not going to get the full 5 G ratings, this is because, it does not and is not compatible with Flash playback, and if you wan’t to view a site with Flash or that is constructed with Flash then it’s hopeless.

Come on apple, release a 2nd generation iPad after the 1st generation iPad and add the follwoing

1/. USB port

2/. Flash enable the device

And then you’ll see sales for the Tablet rise.

So far we have seen Apple announce and will soon see apple release the iPad. Ok so could 2010 be the year of the tablet pc? and instead of having a netbook, will everyone be walking around with Tablet Computers such as the iPad and the HP Slate. Well i would like to think so or see a change in the way of laptops and netbooks.

However though what about a Hybrid so you get the best of both worlds a Netbook and a Tablet PC in one package, well ideally you can and will be able to get one, soon(ish) when Lenvo release there “Lenvo U1 Hybrid” netbook/tablet. This is what i would like to see more of, Hybrid netbooks/tablets as an oppose to just a tablet or a netbook. ok so below is the link to see the Hybrid Netbook/Tablet in action

Surley that would be a better idea as an oppose to a Tablet or a Netbook, why not role them both together. Genius.

Doesn’t mean though that i don’t like the idea of the Tablet PC, at the moment perhaps they need a bit more tweaking, or definately something adding.

Gadget show live.

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It really would seem that at the moment, everyone or at least everyone who likes Tech/Gaming have been tuning into the Gadget Show. Not least to say that they have even had there own special edition Gadget Show magazine produced.

Now where do i start, yep thats right the other weekend i attended Gadget Show Live. Yes it was really as good as it looked. Lots of exiting Technology and of course exibiters offering people the chance to see what Tech is on offer, and what tech we/us the consumers will be expecting to see this year. and all i can say for Tech this year is…………………Wow.