Sink or Swim

Posted: June 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so there has been already an Xbox and the ever popular Xbox 360. So why has the 360 proved so popular with gamers, could it be the selection of games, the price or the graphics quality. Oh and not forgetting the Multiplayer experience of Xbox Live.

So what have microsoft done? Improved on the old one and called it the Xbox 360 S.

So now you would like to know what they have added to the new 360 S. Well here goes

1. 250GB standard model

2. WiFi

3. More USB ports

4. The ability to update the system via USB

5. The price……………..Yep cheaper than the original 360

So should i get one?…………………………….Yes if you are someone who is green and wants to save the planet, as i forgot to mention it’s more eco friendly. But don’t be put off by it’s eco side. As it will be just that bit better than the 360 that we all know and love to this day/moment in time.


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