The Futures Bright!!! The Future of web is Open Source

Posted: May 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok i may have been away for a while, but don’t worry peeps and good folk of google, i’am back. Having said that i never really did go away.

Well what route is the internet is the internet going down at the moment? well from where i’am definately not “Route 66” Instead i have noticed how the web, internet and all things new technology based or a lot of things to do with the www or world wide web, seem to be going down a more “Open Source” Route these days. And why is that? Well why else do you think? Could it have something to do with global financial issues – (Possibly) or might it be because we are fed up of having to pay for useless software, and other hyped up tosh thats out there that you have to pay for.

Take for example google, who just happen to have got an open source operating system up there sleaves, and the likes of Ubuntu who have just released 10.04 and are quite possibly conning a lot of people out there into having what now looks like a carbon copy of Mac Snow Leopard.

Yes droning over with, i’am sure people agree that the new digital age looks like “Open Source” is gaining and becoming ever more popular!!


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