Tablet Computing – Is this the year?

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

So far we have seen Apple announce and will soon see apple release the iPad. Ok so could 2010 be the year of the tablet pc? and instead of having a netbook, will everyone be walking around with Tablet Computers such as the iPad and the HP Slate. Well i would like to think so or see a change in the way of laptops and netbooks.

However though what about a Hybrid so you get the best of both worlds a Netbook and a Tablet PC in one package, well ideally you can and will be able to get one, soon(ish) when Lenvo release there “Lenvo U1 Hybrid” netbook/tablet. This is what i would like to see more of, Hybrid netbooks/tablets as an oppose to just a tablet or a netbook. ok so below is the link to see the Hybrid Netbook/Tablet in action

Surley that would be a better idea as an oppose to a Tablet or a Netbook, why not role them both together. Genius.

Doesn’t mean though that i don’t like the idea of the Tablet PC, at the moment perhaps they need a bit more tweaking, or definately something adding.


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