iPad – Gadget Show

Posted: April 20, 2010 in Uncategorized

Did anyone see the Gagdet show yesterday 19/4/10? Well i did and yes i knew that archos tablet thing was never going to get a good G rating. But i did realise the iPad was not going to get the full 5 G ratings, this is because, it does not and is not compatible with Flash playback, and if you wan’t to view a site with Flash or that is constructed with Flash then it’s hopeless.

Come on apple, release a 2nd generation iPad after the 1st generation iPad and add the follwoing

1/. USB port

2/. Flash enable the device

And then you’ll see sales for the Tablet rise.

  1. n0011863 says:

    Its difficult to understand why Apple seem to be making products that aren’t amazing. Its like they have got bored. On the whole I really like apple products but the lack of the key features that you point out and especially no access to the battery makes me want to keep my money in my pocket.

    Thanks for the good wishes message on my blog 🙂


    • Yep no probs about the “Comments” about your blog. A friend of mine who is hopefully starting on your course next year told me about it. In response to your apple comments, i seem to question your “apple making products that aren’t amazing” In a way, yes i do think some things by apple have not been great. But at the end of the day, aren’t apple trying to be on there own island and not have anything to do with microsoft.

      My tutor who i have for Systems support at beeston, was saying just the other week that she is thinking of buying herself an iPad for a christmas present to herself. Yes i can see why. It may just be an oversize iPod touch, and it may lack Flash compatability but again Apple don’t want to go down a microsoft road/route. And besides anything apple makes for instance the iPad is just at the moment being tested by the consumer as the consumer are if you like bots who will report back to apple with improvements. For example, look at the iPhone 3GS whilst it may not be able to multitask, the new iPhone will be able to multitask

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