Out of the Window for Vista? Or gone with the Wind?

Posted: March 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Windows Vista. To a lot of people that name hurts, and why does it hurt? Because it was Slow and Horrible to use. Yet why do people still use it? When we all know there’s Vista 7 AKA Windows 7.  But what about Windows Vista? Yes i know there are still computers/laptops/netbooks out there that come with Windows Vista installed on them. But why? I mean isn’t it time Microsoft ended all Service Packs for Vista. i mean Vista did set an example for Things that could be done with Windows Operating Systems. But can we please…………….

Get rid of Windows Vista Machines and go for Windows 7.

Yes all you retailers and outlets that provide Computers with Windows Vista – We want Rid!!!!!!

And Microsoft, Yes i wonder what the next Surprise from you will be? Hopefully not another Dramatic fail like Windows Vista. But something of an improvement on Windows 7.


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