Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so maybye not an appropriate title just to have the word “Smarties” but i want to or would like to talk to you about (Smartphones)

So ok there are a whole lot of Smartphones out there for people, but of course the one that everyone uses is the iPhone, with it’s millions of Apps and the ability to download music on the go through the ever popular iTunes. But should you get an iPhone and yes, there are other Smartphones out there that could rival apples ever popular iPhone but the question is, are they any good.

Well Yes some of them are good and others are not so good.

So what good Smartphone should i get? well here are a few suggestions for you.

1. The HTC Hero

2. Google Nexus – The Google designed phone with Googles android operating system

3. The Palm Pre

4. The Blackberry

Ok so yes some of the Smartphones might not be touch screen, and some of them are, But remember there are other Smartphones other than the iPhone and in there own unique ways beat the iPhone in some userbility catorgries.


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