Posted: February 23, 2010 in Uncategorized

Servers are quite intresting aren’t they. Well to some people they might be a bit boring but to others Servers can be quite intresting.

Ok so i have just bought for example a Dell Server but i’am wondering What server edition to put on my Dell Server. Well here are Some Suggestions.

Windows Server Edition 2008:

Good Sides – (Ease of Use, Layout is the same as the Standard Microsoft Operating Systems)

Bad Sides – (Slow, Not Secure, Hogs everything, Horrible Layout)

Ubuntu Server Edition 9.10:

Good Sides – (Easy to use, Free and Open Source Software, Secure, Does not Hog like Windows Server Edition)

Bad Sides – (Not everyone knows how to use Ubuntu Server Edition, Windows Users might not like the Layout)

Mac OS X Server Snow Leopard:

Good Sides – (Easey to use, Secure, Layout is easy to navigate, Looks Good)

Bad Sides – (Not Many are used)

Ok so just three possible Server systems for you to look at or try. So have a change from that Boring Horribly Slow Windows Server and go for something with a little bit more………………………..



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