Web Browsers

Posted: February 11, 2010 in Uncategorized

I know this topic might be a bit Boring, if not Tiring to some people.  But i would like to talk to you about ^^ Web Browsers. Yes those pieces of software that you can View websites on. You see most people will be using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and whilst this might just appear to be a Normal and to some people the best Web Browser ever. well let me tell you why Microsoft Internet Explorer is not the best web browser out there.

1. Security Issues

2. Appears on virtually every machine sold

3. Is not and can not be Customized to make it look like what you want it to.

4. Takes ages for sites to load

5. Not very well laid out for Ease of use

However though you may want to have a change, from using Microsoft Internet Explorer there are Other Web Browsers out there. and these are

1. Mozilla Firefox

2. Opera

3. Netscape

4. Sea Monkey

Yes the above web browsers are Free. and in all cases have loads more features than Internet Explorer. For instance they are (Faster, More secure than Internet Explorer, Have loads of Extensions and other cool stuff , Customizable and are much safer than the standard Microsoft Browser)……………….Want to try them? I would. and personally the Four Web browsers i have mentioned are all superb in various ways and beat the Microsoft Web Browser hands down.


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