Ubuntu – Should i get?

Posted: February 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

Well we all know that an Operating System or O/S you have to Pay for. Or do you? Well the answer to that Question would be, Yes if you where to get a PC with Windows or a Mac, that might have to or will have to pay for the Operating System.

But how about if i was to tell you that there are any amount of Free and Open Source operating systems out there. Then what would you say? Well the first thing that would spring into your mind would be something to the effect of “Whats the catch?”. Well there is none and that is the truth there is no snag or catch.

Ok so you might have heard of Linux/Unix, well if you have not heard of Linux/Unix then You might not have realised it. But what your email provider is using to host your email account or if you have got a website or a blog it will be stored on a Server that will more than likely have a Linux or Unix based server.

Now other than the fact that there are Unix/Linux based servers. There are and is an ever expanding list of Unix/Linux based Operating Systems or O/S. These are free Operating Systems, and the most popular of these at the moment during the financial crisis and kind of making a name for itself is Ubuntu.

Now yes Ubuntu is one of these Linux based operating systems. that is Free. The current release being Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) And yes there is a 10.04 version in development. However The great thing about Ubuntu is that it is free and does not cost a single penny yep it does not cost a penny. However though Ubuntu might not be everyone’s cup or mug of tea depending on what you prefer. For example If you are intent on playing Crysis on a Regular basis and decide to try Ubuntu or any of the following variants

1. Ubuntu 9.10

2. Ubuntu NBR (Net Book Remix) 9.10

3. Xubuntu

4. Kubuntu

Then unless you have some form of Emulation software such as Wine, then you have got no chance of playing Crysis. But do not let the “I can not play any or Many Games” put you off. as this is a great Operating System for people who want things and Computing to be simple. Unlike Windows there is no annoying taskbar, A Firefox web browser as standard, and an utterly simple feel and interface. Oh and not forgetting the wonderful Office software that comes as standard with Ubuntu of course, I’m talking about Open Office. But how do i get Ubuntu or any other Linux Distros or Operating Systems. well here goes.

Go to or copy this address to your web browser

1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Linux_distributions#Ubuntu-based

2. http://infrarecorder.org/ – a free ISO Burner. When you com to burning your image you will need to select actions an Burn image.

And or if you have gone for any of the Linux/Unix based systems for example Ubuntu. then you will need to save the ISO to a folder or pen drive. It will automatically be saved as an ISO image file. You will then need to open up the above ISO Software, have a Blank CD at ready put the CD into the CD drive of your computer, and via the ISO software select Actions and then create ISO Disc. This will write the ISO or burn the image to a disc.

Once this has finished. by fiddling about in the BIOS you can select the 1st boot device of your PC/Laptop to be or read from the CD/DVD or Blu Ray drive, this will pick up the disc, and allow you to run a “Live Preview without Installing Ubuntu or whatever Linux Operating System you have chosen. If you do install. then log out of live preview and just click on Full installation and follow the instructions.

Just remember Good luck should you do this. and of course any more information on Installing Linux operating systems can be found on Google.


And enjoy Linux/Unix and your free Operating system.

So from me, Goodnight all and i will be back. 🙂

  1. robinzrants says:

    It RAWKS! It even runs well on my 6-year-old Dell. But the current version (9.10 “Karmic Koala”) has been pretty buggy for many people. The lightweight Xubuntu mixture, however, does not ship with most of the troublesome Beta software that it’s older sibling Ubuntu does. And it’s alot prettier too in my opinion.

    My “Linux journey” is documented on my blog. I started with Ubuntu about 10 months ago and have enjoyed a wonderful ride. It’s so awesome that such a versatile and powerful (yet simple enough for this little non-geeky schoolboy) operating system is completely FREE.

    Alot of people who want to switch to Mac but can’t afford it are finding Linux (the Ubuntu family, or Mepis, or a host of others) and opening a whole new world to themselves. Linux gives new life to aging hardware and a surprisingly simple and delightful computing experience to thousands of new users every year!

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