Goolge Chrome

Posted: February 9, 2010 in Uncategorized

Ok so yes, Google are on the Web Browser bandwagon. Now is this a good thing, or is this a bad thing. Well i have to say, when i have used the Chrome web browser, that i have been rather disappointed with the speed of the browser, and the feel of it.

However though what about the Chrome Operating System from Google. Well It is built using a Unix based system, though from what i have seen of it, well it just looks like the Web Browser, that has just been Renamed Chromium OS, and other than the fact that it has had a Slight colour change and has got the added benefit of a Google Chrome logo, so the user can access the very limited menu, and programs that come with Chrome OS.

……………..The Chrome Operating System

…………..Google Chrome – Web Browser

As you might be able to see, there really is hardly anything that has been changed, other than with Chrome OS they seem to have added the Google Chrome logo that would appear to open the limited amount of programs that are included with the Operating System.

Yes so this Operating System looks as if it will be very popular with people who have got Netbooks, who do a lot of Web Browsing. Other than that, i would rather stick with Ubuntu NBR (NetBook Remix)


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