Open Source. Is it any good?

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

I want to talk to all those users who pay for there software. Yep did you know, that these days there is something called “Open Source” Open Source does not mean that it is sauce that is open. It means Free Software, yes you did see that correctly Free Software in other words software that you as the customer do not have to pay for. But is this Open Source stuff any good? Well certain open source software is, Definitely worth getting and other open source software is not worth getting.

The great stuff about Open Source is that here are lots of different programs, applications and other bits of software from

Office Software such as Open Office – a Free Version of Microsoft Office, and in some ways a damn sight better than Microsoft Office

Operating Systems – such as Ubuntu – More information on ubuntu please visit (, Kubuntu, Xubuntu etc…………………and Other Linux Distros.

But that is all very well. Linux though is a errible Operating System if you spend all day playing PC Games. Whilst it is possible to play, Doom, Unreal Tournament or perhaps Call Of duty via an Emulator such as Wine, people who tend to use Linux will be those who want Simplicity. and Simple Linux can be.

So please, anyone who is paying for there software, Just type into Google Open Source, and see what has to be said for Open Source. You will be Surprised.


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