A Blackberry Bush Rival…………………..Is a Palm Tree!!

Posted: February 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

Aah The humble Blackberry  could it’s time be up as we know it? Well In a way Yes. There is a new Smart phone on the Market, that the Mobile Phone company O2 have currently got on sale. That is the new…………Palm Tree, Nope sorry mistake there not the Palm Tree, but the Palm Pre, this might be the big Blackberry killer. Smaller than a Blackberry and dare i say this, more like a Motorola Pebble, this Humble little mobile phone, does everything the Blackberry does, but in a slightly smaller package. Yes it has got the following features

The Palm WebOS – Linux based

A built in Camera

Media Playback Abilities

Video Camera

GPS Navigation Abilities

Internet/Web Browsing abilities


Wi-Fi abilities

Easier to use Keyboard/Typeface than the Blackberry

Ok so if i was to buy a Palm Pre then how much Storage do i get. well here goes.

The Palm Pre has 8.0GB of Internal Flash Storage, to which 7.4GB is user accessible, this is because a certain percentage of storage is usually taken up by some kind of Encryption for data + security This is a good thing.However though Want bigger storage capacity then the Standard Palm Pre then wait for the Palm Pre Plus. Yes this will come with 16GB of internal Flash Storage.

So will this Attract Vodafone Customers who have or are looking to buy a Blackberry, well personally i think it will get people to think twice about the blackberry.

………………..Could this be the Blackberry Killer? You decide.


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