Windows 7

Posted: February 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Now i would like to talk to you about Vista 7. Sorry i should have said Windows 7…………………Or should i? You see most people would think that Windows 7, is a Completely new Operating System or O/S. Well to some people it is. to Others it’s just another Windows System designed to be easier to use than previous operating systems.

Well what some people do not know, is that Windows 7 is just a Code name, yep that’s right as Windows 7 is actually nothing or kind of nothing new. As yes Windows 7 is wait for it……………………………..Vista 7 yep you did see that right Vista 7 and it is actually the 7th Windows Edition ever released.

So should i get Windows 7? Well that would rather depend, For gaming Yes, because of the Graphical Compatibility. Having said this there are major improvements. And these are as follows

1. – Does not take up as much RAM as Vista

2. – The Kernel has been slightly altered

3. – Less gadgets than Vista, so it does not Hog as much as Vista

4 – Taskbar has been slightly tweaked to be more Square than Vista, Still though is it a bit more Square looking than XP? You decide.

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