Buying Abroad

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

So i want some “Electronics” and Gadge” but where do i get them from? Well you could try shopping around for gadgets, and whilst i don’t mean logging into or to buy cheap gadgets from i mean what about shopping whilst abroad say, in France or Spain?

Whilst some electronic items over here are cheap, in certain countries electronics can often be cheaper, and you may also be able to pick up some bargins, and/or possibly even gadgets that haven’t even come out in the uk yet!!!! So next time your abroad, and think what should i do? then go shopping for Tech bargins


3d Home Movie Making

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We have Blu Ray that is and was said to be Futureproof, so why bring along a normal Video Camera that allows users to film 3d footage and content? Well i suppose that the idea of 3d films and TV catching on will be quite big, and yes this might be the case in say a few years time when people have got there heads around to the idea that 3d tv is the way forward. As for now, can we be left with “Normal” video cameras until we have adjusted to the full benifits of blu ray.

Return of the Gadget Show

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

What can i say?! Oh yes after it’s summer break the Gadget show is Back!!!! And in one piece as well, this is to say that Channel 5 was bought by the owner of the daily express!!!! Who i don’t think has any plans to axe the gadget show.

Still though, am i complainig that channel 5 is now owned by an english gentleman instead of RTL Luxembourg, well no i’am not and i will not be complaining for now. However though it is great to see the gadget show back on our screens, and i think this series of the gadget show might be the best there is yet. Still though another 22 weeks of the gadget show left, so where does that take me to? Oh yes Christmas time.

So Welcome back guys and gals.


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Yes, i at the moment am it a bit of a dilemma!!! 😦 🙂 what do i go for a PS3 or a 360s? Well i have used the 360s and whilst it may be smaller it won’t really give me anything else that my 360 already has, other than wi fi. So i think PS3 it will be.

It’s Coming Out!!!!

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Uncategorized

All i can say is that (It’s Coming Out)!!! Yes the iPhone has arrived in UK shops. The iPhone 4 is what i’am on about!!!


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Spotted in Loughborough University Undergraduate Prospectus 2011 – A Nice Apple Mac Running Windows!? Or is it just Emulated!? If so then surely it would be better to show the Apple Mac with a nice Mac Operating System!!!!

Sorry Loughborough University but i will not be attending your university if you think Windows on a Mac looks better than Mac on a Mac!!!!!

I can say i have. Yes i had a go on the iPad. Yep this almost new(ish) idea that seems to be taking the world/tech world by storm. Ok whilst the idea of a tablet computer is not the newest idea to come out of someones braincell. I really do think the iPad is great.

Its larger than life touch screen

Its gaming abilities

Its abilities to lure the user in…………….All make this piece of kit what it is. a classy and sexy bit of kit that we the tech fans love about apple. There abilities to get it right. And this is what they have done here.

Need i say anymore?